The STARCall platform lets you determine the level of sophistication you need for your application by offering three communication and timekeeping feature sets, each geared to a specific level of service; each offering precisely the capabilities you need to get the job done right.

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The microprocessor-based MCS350 Administrative Communication System gives you plenty of capacity to grow as your facility grows.

Establish immediate, direct communication between any remote station and your desk. Answer incoming calls. Select external program sources, like an AM/FM tuner or cassette tape player, and distribute them on an individual station, group, or all-call basis. Initiate group, all-call, or emergency all-call voice paging. You can even send a custodial call tone to all stations.

This system lets you extend to Touch-Tone® telephones the capabilities of a facility administrative communications system, including calling room stations equipped with loudspeakers, answering loudspeaker calls from any Touch-Tone® telephone.

All functions of the MCS350 are easily programmable from a local or remote off-site PC, or from the compact Administrative Control Console. Complete and easy-to-understand prompting on the 16-digit alphanumeric LCD display guides users through all operations.

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12-CM3200Compact 3200

Remember when communications systems were simple and easy to use? Remember when reliability meant it was going to work ALL the time? And remember when economy meant you still got quality? We kept all these traditional values in mind and built them into the Compact 3200 System.

This reliable, easy-to-use microprocessor-controlled voice communication system provides:

  • Direct principal control of all call and emergency paging from a standard DTMF telephone.
  • Indirect telephone communication from and DTMF administrative phone to any speaker station.
  • Flexibility, with systems from 25 to 75 rooms in size available in the space-saving table-top model or up to 150 rooms in floor-mounted rack models.
  • Self-diagnostics to detect problems.

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