EST3 System

2-EST3EST3 System Features:

  • Supports Signature Series
  • intelligent analog devices
  • 3-second alarm response time
  • Total network wiring over 300,000 feet
  • Supports 250 devices per loop; 2,500 devices per node
  • Automatic device and panel addressing
  • 8 channels of multiplexed audio
  • 168 character LCD display
  • Uses existing wiring for most retrofit applications
  • Slide-in LED and switch labels

EST3 is the most flexible Intelligent Analog Integrated Multiplexed Life Safety System available today...easy to operate, future expansions are simple, and last minute system changes are handled effortlessly (designed and manufactured to ISO 9001 standards). Snap-fit modular construction, isolating terminal blocks, Site System Software Definition, and no point-to-point internal wiring makes EST3 a pleasure to configure.

EST3 has both the power and the capacity to handle even the largest installations, from high-rise office towers to campus-style installations. Supporting Signature Series multisensor analog detectors on a multi-priority peer-to-peer token ring network, EST3 boasts exceptional alarm response and virtually fail-safe operation.

Alarm response is under 3 seconds over any size network and automatic Life Safety control functions initiate almost instantly. EST3 supports a total network length of an incredible 60 miles. EST3's user interface offers simple yet powerful control and display in any situation. Fingertip operation and intuitive feedback provide the big picture whether the user is in the midst of a crisis or simply performing routine maintenance. Because EST3 supports a full 8 channels of multiplexed audio, there is plenty of capacity to handle communications. Firefighters, emergency response personnel, and building occupants can all keep in touch when seconds count and information can save lives.

The modular design of EST3 is what makes it a favorite with building owners, installers, and property managers:

  • System components are arranged in layers that swing out for easy access
  • Key components feature removable terminal blocks and simple plug-in connectors
  • Modular design means the system can easily keep pace with even the most radical changes to building floor plan.


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