FireWorks (Color Graphystem) Features:

  • Wide range of machine configurations
  • Interactive Life Safety Control
  • Supports Class A or Class B
  • Monitors and controls single or multiple single line network and/or multiple line networks
  • True multi-tasking environment
  • On-line event storage for off-normal Alarm, Trouble, and Supervisory points
  • Multiple zoom fields per point
  • Operator log on/log off
  • Multi-level security/control access
  • Complete customization of user access attributes by password
  • On-line status and sensitivity reports
  • IBM Token Ring (Class A or B) Communication format
  • Multiple workstations supported per system
  • Custom defined Touch Sensitive Areas and Icons
  • User defined message and expanded messsage per point
  • All graphic formats are supported
  • Custom operation through Touch Sensitive Areas (TSA's) or Icons
  • NFPA symbol library file supplied standard

FireWorks is an interactive computer graphic display system for the Life Safety industry. FireWorks networks with all combinations of EST single line and/or multiple line networks. With optional software packages, FireWorks network multiple workstations on an IBM Token Ring Network or multiple bridged IBM Token Ring Networks.

The FireWorks workstation monitors and controls the Life Safety System via the Fire Alarm Control panel system command port. A high resolution display separates into 3 areas: Status Area, Graphics Display Area, and Command Area providing system status information. Because FireWorks is event driven, your personnel will never find themselves abandoned by technology just when it's needed most. FireWorks automatically prioritizes all system events so that the most urgent information is always front and center. It also keeps pace with the operator by constantly updating the content of adjacent display quadrants with information relevant to the currently selected event. As the situation unfolds, your operator is never more than a glance away from important, context sensitive information necessary to bring the matter to a speedy and effective conclusion.

FireWorks operates on a multi-tasking platform and provides a true multi-tasking environment. FireWorks never stops monitoring the Life Safety System to perform any tasks required including, but not limited to, retrieving system reports, custom report generation, on-line graphic screen modifications, remote hand pager communications, etc. All system operations are accomplished by mouse control or optional touch screen graphic switches. All changes of state received via the system communication port from the Life Safety System display on the site plan screen. The operator may branch down or go directly to the device displaying a change of state.

Upon an alarm condition the site plan graphic display will begin to flash the appropriate TSA or alarm area in red, giving a clear indication of the general area of the alarm. An audible signal sounds and the word ALARM flashes red in the status area of the workstation display. By touching the screen, the operator can get to the exact area of alarm.

FireWorks is the tool that helps your personnel make sense of what is happening and get the information that's needed for swift, decisive, and effective action. By merging the very latest design technology with the most innovative life safety systems that have ever come to market, FireWorks delivers a highly effective, yet surprisingly simple means of monitoring and control for your building systems. Its familiar Windows® interface presents a clean, intuitive means of information retrieval and control.

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