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Making the best of true multisensor capability, Signature Series detectors continually monitor the protected space with their on-board sensors, each of which is finely tuned to detect a different characteristic of combustion. All this informa­tion is gathered and run through a sophisticated algorithm that compares the sensor readings over time to known signatures of fires. Only when a match is found will an alarm condition occur. This means that a single multisensor detector can distinguish between a harmless puff of dust and a wisp of smoke; between hot, humid weather and a serious life safety condition.

Signature Series alarm decisions are made right at the detector. This method of distributed intelligence makes for a more robust system, and stable, more efficient communications.


No building is an island. No application is truly like another. That’s why we made Signature Series as changeable as the buildings they go into.

With modular carbon monoxide sensors, Signature Series detectors pull double-duty, continually monitoring the environment for signs of smoke — as well as its invisible yet deadly companion, carbon monoxide. Meanwhile, continuous self-diagnostics ensures reliability over the long-haul, and innovative field-replacable smoke chambers make detector maintenance literally a snap.

Signature Series input/output modules are powerful yet flexible devices that allow the life safety system to interact with the world beyond its Signature loop controller. The function of each module is determined by an installer-selected personality code, which is set during system configuration. This exclusive Signature Series innovation provides elegant system interoperability — at a fraction of the cost and time when compared with other methods.

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