UTC Edwards Wireless Timekeeping

Wireless Timekeeping

Standard Features

• ZigBee open protocol cascading wireless network
• Master clock supports GPS or NTP time source
• Can support over 60,000 slave clocks
• Slave clocks act as signal repeaters for enhanced reliability
• Easy to install: low voltage power and signaling; no wiring, no FCC radio license required
• Intuitive browser-based setup
• Digital clocks support count-up/count-down timers and mes-sage actuation on Code Blue (GE-ZB266 and GE-ZB-456 only) or via remote, or event timinig
• Date and time clocks support English, French and Spanish formatting • Powered via a 110 AC outlet


Edwards wireless clock solutions comprise a reliable master/slave cascading network that synchronizes clocks from a central on-site master controller. The master clock receives highly accurate time signals from an NTP or GPS source and relays timecodes to local slave clocks via wireless signals. Each receiving slave clock acts as a signal repeater, transmitting the timecode instantly to nearby clocks, which do the same. This ripple effect occurs in mere microseconds, but has the ability to synchronize more than 60,000 clocks installed throughout highrises, sprawling facilities, and small buildings alike. Because the signal fans out and is repeated by a cascading num-ber of devices, a single clock will typically receive its data from a number of different angles. This dramatically reduces the effect of obstructions, noise sources, or long distances on the reliability of the system. Furthermore, if an individual clock looses its signal, it will link to a nearby clock and automatically synchronize with that new source. The cascading network also reduces system setup and installation costs, thanks to the relatively low signal strength that is necessary for it to function efficiently. This eliminates the expense and time required to obtain an FCC license.

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